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12, Aug 2022
Anneaux de couple – un symbole d’engagement

Les bagues de couple vous permettent de porter votre amour et votre engagement l’un envers l’autre au niveau supérieur, en portant des bagues assorties. La plupart des couples essaient consciemment de choisir des bijoux un peu différents ou assortis d’une manière ou d’une autre. En fait, les bagues personnalisées sont plus populaires que jamais. La plupart des bijouteries proposent une sélection ; vous pouvez également facilement et commodément faire fabriquer vos alliances spécialement sur commande.

Si vous magasinez pour une bague de fiancaille darryring, vous savez probablement qu’il est possible de dépenser plusieurs milliers de dollars pour des bagues assorties. Malgré la récession, le prix moyen payé pour la bague de la mariée est d’environ 1 100 $ ; et 900 $ pour le marié. D’autre part, des bijoux de bonne qualité, élégants et attrayants peuvent facilement être trouvés à des prix plus abordables. Il n’est pas nécessaire de dépenser plus que ce que vous pouvez vous permettre.

La gravure d’un message spécial ou des deux noms du couple ajoute une touche personnelle unique et de nombreux couples choisissent de faire graver leurs bagues. Le message peut être aussi simple et aussi personnel que vous le souhaitez – vos deux noms, ou peut-être une phrase qui a une signification particulière juste pour vous. Alors que la plupart des gravures se font à l’intérieur de la bague, un effet saisissant est de faire graver l’extérieur des bagues.

Il y a aussi quelques problèmes plus pratiques que vous devriez considérer lors de l’achat de bagues. Vous devrez peut-être choisir entre le métal jaune et blanc, assorti à une montre ou à d’autres bijoux. Si l’un de vous travaille avec ses mains, vous voudrez peut-être choisir un modèle qui ne retiendra pas facilement la saleté ou ne se ternira pas. Et pensez à l’avenir. À quel point est-ce important pour vous d’avoir une bague qui sera toujours à la mode et tendance dans vingt ans ?

Les bagues de couple n’ont pas besoin d’être élaborées ou coûteuses. Parfois, la conception la plus simple le dit le mieux – que votre amour et votre engagement sont une chose permanente.

9, Aug 2022
home run derby x london

As a new fan of the Chicago Bears, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on tickets to see them play. The good news is that there are a few ways to do it. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few of the best ways to get Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings tickets home run derby x london.

One of the best ways to get tickets to any sporting event is by using a ticket resale website. Websites like StubHub and SeatGeek are great places to look for tickets to sold-out games. You can often find tickets on these websites for a fraction of the price you would pay at the box office. Another great way to get tickets to a Bears game is by joining a waiting list.

Many ticket sellers, including the Bears ticket office, have waiting lists for fans who want to buy tickets. If you sign up for a waiting list, you may be able to get tickets to a game that’s otherwise sold out. Finally, you can always try your luck at the box office on game day. If you don’t mind standing in line, you might be able to snag a pair of tickets to see the Bears play. So, there are a few ways to get your hands on Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings tickets. In this blog post, we’ve explored a few of the best ways to get tickets to see the Bears play.

Ticket resale websites are a great way to get tickets to see the Chicago Bears play. You can often find tickets on these websites for a fraction of the price you would pay at the box office. If you’re looking for tickets to a sold-out game, a ticket resale website is a great place to start your search.

The Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings are two of the most popular teams in the NFL. And, when it comes to tickets, they’re also two of the most expensive.

If you’re looking to catch a game between these two teams, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a premium. However, there are a few ways to save money on Colts vs. Vikings tickets.

In this blog post, we’ll share a few tips on how to get the best deals on Colts vs. Vikings tickets.

First, let’s start with the most obvious way to save money:

1. Look for good deals on ticket aggregator websites. There are a few websites that specialize in collecting deals on sports tickets. Check out a few of these websites and see if you can find a good deal on Colts vs. Vikings tickets.

2. Try to buy tickets in advance. Another way to save money on Colts vs. Vikings tickets is to try to buy them in advance. If you wait until closer to game day, you’ll likely have to pay a higher price.

3. Consider buying tickets from a re-seller. If you’re having trouble finding a good deal on tickets, you may want to consider buying them from a re-seller. Just be sure to do your research and only buy from a reputable source.

4. Look for ticket packages. Many times, you can find good deals on ticket packages that include tickets to multiple games. If you’re interested in attending more than one Colts game, this could be a great option for you.

5. Check out discount ticket websites. There are a few websites that offer discounts on sports tickets. If you do a bit of research

8, Aug 2022
Grand Slams Tickets

Horse trials are a test of horse and rider over a series of obstacles, usually involving fences and ditches. They are a popular sport in the UK, and Blenheim horse trials are one of the most prestigious events on the calendar. The event takes place over three days, and competitors must complete a dressage test, a cross-country course, and a show jumping round. It takes a lot of training and preparation to compete at a horse trial, and riders need to be fit and able to control their horses at all times Visit Site.

The cross-country course is especially challenging, as it’s designed to test the horse’s fitness, stamina, and jumping ability. riders need to be strategic in their approach, and plan their route carefully to ensure they don’t run out of time or expend too much energy. Competing in a horse trial is an exhilarating experience, and one that will test your skills and abilities to the limit. If you’re looking for a challenge, and the chance to test yourself against some of the best riders in the country, then a Blenheim horse trial is the perfect event for you.

Horse trials are not only a test of horse and rider, but also of conditioning and strategy. In order to be successful, riders need to be fit and able to control their horses, and must plan their routes carefully. The cross-country course is especially challenging, and can be exhausting for both horse and rider. It is important to pace oneself and be strategic in order to avoid running out of time or expend too much energy. Competing in a horse trial is an exhilarating experience, and one that will test your skills and abilities to the limit.

Are you thinking about becoming a Cleveland Browns fan? If so, you’re in for a treat. The Browns are a storied franchise with a rich history. They’re also one of the most exciting teams in the NFL, thanks to their high-powered offense and talented young roster.

In this post, we’ll give you a crash course in all things Browns. We’ll tell

24, Jul 2022
media production agency

Video production is the process of creating a video, from conception to completion. Video production can involve anything from shooting and editing footage to writing and directing a script. It is a complex process that requires a variety of skills and expertise media production agency https://wallawallastudio.com/.

If you’re looking for a media production agency that can help you with all your media needs, look no further than us. We have a team of experienced professionals who can handle any project, big or small. We’re also passionate about what we do, and we’ll make sure that your project is done to the best of our abilities. Contact us today to get started on your next media project.

Thank you.

What we offer:

– Video production

– Video editing

– Video marketing

– And more!

If you’re looking for a media production agency that can help you with all your media needs, look no further than us. We have a team of experienced professionals who can handle any project, big or small. We’re also passionate about what we do, and we’ll make sure that your project is done to the best of our abilities. Contact us today to get started on your next media project – we can’t wait to work with you! Thank you.

There are many different aspects to video production, and it is important to understand all of them in order to create a successful video. The first step in any video production is pre-production, which is the planning stage. This is where you determine what your video will be about, who your target audience is, and what kind of style you want to use. Once you have a clear vision for your project, you can move on to the next stage: production.

Production is the actual filming

16, Jul 2022
Concrete Cleaning Service

Concrete is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes, including flooring and foundation stabilization. However, concrete can also be very heavy, which can cause problems when it needs to be moved or lifted. North Chesterfield Concrete Leveling can help solve these issues by leveling the concrete so that it’s easier to move and lift https://concreteherorva.com/.

Concrete cleaning is one of the most important aspects of keeping a concrete driveway or walkway looking brand new. Not only does it keep the concrete looking clean, but it also helps to prevent any cracks from forming.

To clean concrete properly, you’ll need to use a commercial cleaner, a broom and bucket, and a water hose. Once you have everything prepared, start by spraying the cleaner onto the surface of the concrete. Use a broom to sweep the cleaner into all nooks and crannies. Finally, use a bucket to pour water onto the surface of the concrete, scrubbing until the area is clean.

Concrete cleaning is essential to keeping your concrete looking its best. Concrete can become stained with oils, grease, and other contaminants, which can make it difficult to clean and potentially hazardous to walk on. Properly cleaned concrete is resistant to staining and decay, so it will look good for years to come. Here are some tips for cleaning concrete:

  1. Use a degreaser first to loosen any built-up grease or oil.
  2. Use a cleaner specifically designed for concrete followed by a water rinse.
  3. If the concrete is particularly dirty, use a power washer on full blast followed by a water rinse.
  4. Once the concrete is clean, apply a sealer if desired to protect it from future stains and weathering.
22, Jun 2022
What It Means When You See A Silver Finger ring

Silver finger rings are traditionally worn by married couples as a symbol of their commitment to each other. But what does that mean for you if you see someone wearing one? Is it a sign of love or just an accessory? And how do you know if the ring is real silver or not?

What is a Silver Finger Ring?

If you’re considering getting a silver ring, there are a few things to keep in mind. A silver finger ring is typically made of metal, such as silver, and is worn on the index finger.

There are a few different things that can be considered when purchasing a silver finger ring. The ring should be made from a strong metal so it will last, and the design should be tasteful so it won’t look cheesy or gaudy. Rings can also come in different colors, so it’s important to choose one that will go with your overall outfit. Silver finger rings are generally priced between $100 and $300, but there are definitely exceptions to this rule.

What Does the Silver Finger Ring Mean?

When you see a silver finger ring, it can mean different things depending on who is wearing it and what the ring means to them. For some people, it may be a sign of love or commitment. For others, it could represent wealth or status. And for still others, the silver finger ring could simply be a fashion statement.Whatever the meaning of a silver finger ring to you, there’s no doubt that it’s an attractive accessory. So if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself wearing one, make sure to enjoy its unique appeal!

What to do if You See a Silver Finger Ring?

If you see a silver finger ring, it’s important to take a closer look and determine if it’s safe to touch. Rings made of other metals, like gold or copper, can also be harmful if handled incorrectly. If the ring is made of silver and it doesn’t seem risky to touch, you may be able to clean it with soap and water. If the ring is dirty or damaged, you may need to get it cleaned by a professional.

What does a silver finger ring mean?

When you see a silver finger ring, it often means that the person wearing it is married. The ring is a symbol of marriage and is worn on the wedding finger to show that the person is married.

Are silver finger rings bad luck?

When you see a silver finger ring, it is no coincidence. The ring is actually a symbol of bad luck.

The custom of wearing silver finger rings goes back many centuries. The reasoning behind it is that the metal is reflective and therefore will catch any bad luck that comes your way. If you are superstitious and believe in the power of luck, then by wearing a silver finger ring, you are officially inviting it into your life.

Some people find the symbolism behind a silver finger ring to be charming. However, for most people, the thought of wearing a ring with metal embedded in it makes them feel uneasy. If you’re not comfortable with the symbolism behind a silver finger ring, don’t wear one.

When should you get a silver finger ring removed?

If you have a silver finger ring and it’s causing you pain or any other problems, you should remove it. It’s not necessary to get a new ring if the old one is causing you problems, but it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about any changes in your health.


When you see a silver finger ring, it can mean one of two things. The first possibility is that the person wearing the ring has some sort of medical condition that requires them to wear a silver ring as part of their treatment. The second possibility is that the person wearing the ring simply loves the look of silver and wants to show it off. Whichever option is true, there’s no mistaking the fact that a silver finger ring looks beautiful on any finger. So if you’re ever in need of a new accessory and want to add something luxurious and striking to your wardrobe, consider buying a silver finger ring!

19, Jun 2022
You Wont Believe the Exciting Sporting Events Coming Up!

Summertime is always a great time for sports fans, with the world’s best athletes competing in major tournaments. Here are some of the most exciting sporting events coming up this summer:

The women’s World Cup is taking place in France from June 7th to July 7th. This tournament is always highly competitive, and with teams like the United States, England, and Germany competing, there should be plenty of exciting matches.

From June 21st to July 2nd, the Wimbledon tennis tournament will be taking place in London. This event is always one of the most https://www.koobit.com/eagles-v-steelers-e8070 popular on the tennis calendar, and with stars like Roger Federer and Serena Williams competing, it is sure to be exciting.

The Tour de France cycling race begins on July 6th and runs for three weeks.

Final Thoughts On The NBA Finals, What’s Ahead For The Raptors In Ye Olde Mailbag

Another good week here at Ye Olde Mailbag and I can’t wait for next week and all the “how in the world did they take this Barnes kid of Suggs” questions.

Oh, wait. That was a year ago.

Well, we’ll see what’s up this week but until then, enjoy this.

Q: Dear DougAs one of your regular irregulars, just wondering why you found the finals so boring?

I know you wrote about it – but I’m not understanding what’s upsetting you.  Each game separated by ten points or more?  Still can be exciting, especially if a come from behind team takes it.  On the other hand I enjoyed it and I don’t mind saying that my prediction was GS in 7, with Boston having to win their last game in Boston for that to work.  I came up short.

But I was still thrilled, especially at the game 1 performance of Boston.  I really think they shook GS back into marching order – my view- no need to agree etc.

My main question is this, Boston took it’s chances on Kyrie, then Kemba, didn’t work.  Who would you put in to get this team over the hump?Question 2:  Raptors – as is (and I know you’re asked this all the time, sorry, but you’re way closer to it all then the rest of us) or major changes coming at any position that you are aware of?  Any trade buzz for the off season?Keep doing what you are doing – keep getting on that barstoolIna G

A: It’s not that the NBA Finals weren’t good, there was some unbelievable moments and play and each game had big swings and runs, as almost every NBA game has. But each game also ended with one team dribbling out the clock and the last minute was boring and that lack of drama is the difference between a good series and a great one or a great one and an epic one.

I can’t give you a name because there are too many factors involved but the Celtics need to find the right point guard fit they haven’t yet.

All’s quiet with the Raptors, as it generally is every year at this time. I don’t suspect anything of significance will happen before the first week of July and even that’s unlikely.

Q: I liked your rumination on the playoffs as a whole and agree they certainly could have been more compelling. The best series I saw was Grizzlies and Wolves. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the finals and loved seeing Wiggins win; there aren’t many more attractive narratives than a redemption story and I think he qualifies.

While I’m at it, that was a pretty good prediction on your part, Mr. Blogger, almost as though it wasn’t your first rodeo. Thanks for all your efforts this season and congratulations on your impending senior citizenship. 

James A., Victoria

A: I’m going to ride out the next 340 days or so before I give in to senior citizenship but then I’m going to reap as many benefits as I can, believe you me.

Wiggins absolutely does qualify as a great redemption story but I also don’t plan on writing about him for some time.

But …


Don’t mind if we listen to this, right?

Q: Hello Doug,Apologies for this coming so extremely late — the week really slippedaway quickly and I’m easily distracted nowadays! Totally get it if theboat has sailed for this week.I’m sure you’ll be swamped by finals questions/comments, and am hoping my mundane inquiries aren’t too dull.

It’s thrilling to hear the buzz about Scottie Barnes and talk of him possibly heading for the All-Star level next season. Do you think this is realistic? Given his extraordinary gifts, his drive and focus, plus the Raps’ top-quality development and coaching staff and great teammates/mentors, it seems achievable to me, but maybe this is wishfulthinking!If you do think it’s possible, what would you give as your reasons why, and what does he need to address in order to get there?Also, a Khem Birch question. I’m a big fan: nothing flashy, just solid dedication, great teammate, and a total willingness to do whatever the team needs him to do. (Was also to be honest quite touched to see how happy and thankful he was to be home, and playing for the Raps).

It kind of breaks my heart that he had such rotten  luck with his health last season, but given how well he did *before* all that trouble, do you think a healthy Birch will be back, or do you expect he might be traded?If back, do you see him getting much in the way of minutes?Thanks for everything, and hoping all’s well at Casa Doug!KM

A: Oh, I think Barnes absolutely has all-star potential; he’s go that noticeable kind of varied skillset that voters and coaches notice. The East is loaded with great wings so it won’t be easy in the next year or two but I fully expect him to play in a few games before he’s done.

I’m a Birch fan, too, and he certainly went through a rough year from start to finish. That would certainly work against teams looking to acquire him because his recent track record is incomplete.

But, and this is not insignificant, his contract – two years and about $13 million left – would be an attractive add as salary cap ballast in a bigger trade. I don’t expect that to happen but it is something to think about.

If he stays, and depending on how the Raptors address their needs in free agency, I’d see him as the third “centre” behind Achiuwa and Boucher so there will be limited minutes available.


Q: Hi Doug,It’s great to see the Blue Jays playing solid baseball again this year.  I’m expecting an exciting push to the playoffs, as long as the boys can stay healthy and keep out of any prolonged slumps. One thing I’ve noticed over the decades watching the game is that the umpires don’t take much guff. If players or managers argue just a bit too much, they are quickly ejected from the game. Can you talk to the powers that be and have the same rule apply in basketball? As a fan, I think the constant arguing with refs and the demonstrative body language toward officials is ruining the game. And it seems to feed into the “Ref U suck” and “eff U” chants that are a daily scourge during the course of regular season games. (Never mind the post-season). I would love to watch a basketball game where no one complains. Non-calls or dubious calls are just accepted and play continues normally. What do you think? Can we, once and for all, put a full-stop on the whining?Richard

A: I agree there’s too much whiny in basketball and I wish there was a way to limit it but I don’t think calling a dozen technical fouls each night is the answer. And maybe it does provoke fans but fans are also over-the-top bad with the repugnant Eff You chants.

Baseball umpires? They provoke far, far, far too many arguments and have forever.

Q: Hi Doug,

Hope you are in car-washing and lawn-mowing shape for the start of summer!

Also gives you a few weeks to practice your 3’s so Masai can sign you as an undrafted player!

A few questions for you:

1) Not sure if Warriors actually won, or more like Boston lost (collapsed).  Raptors fans have seen the dreaded scoring drought rear its ugly head too.  Do they signal a personnel problem (“we need a scorer”) or a mental /coaching problem (bad shot selection, call a time-out)? …If you know the answer, please tell Nick Nurse!

2) Very excited about the draft next week! Whichever way the OG drama (or lack of) concludes, it will definitely send a few messages to the team. Last year, I thought the choice of Barnes vs Suggs spoke volumes; one of the messages was to Malachi (“you are second to Fred, back-up PG”). Your two cents on Draft implications…

3) Haven’t thought much about it, but I assume the NBA Champs have resumed White House visits since You-know-who got evicted . Just checking…

4) Off topic, wasn’t the Freeland speech from the Empire Club one of the most tone-deaf brain farts (Dictionary…See “irony” ) a politician can make? Seems like someone shoulda been fired for booking that one 🙂

Looking forward to the off-season (Summer league!), enjoy!

Bernie M

A: As a wise man said, basketball is a game of runs, the NBA Finals were, basically every regular season game is. Scoring droughts happen because sometime shots just go in, sometimes teams take their foot off the gas, sometimes defences figure out what they were doing wrong.

Don’t think there will be any impact on the playing rotation with this draft. Whoever they add as a free agent will fit into the 10 or 11 man regular season group; I suspect No. 33 will be lucky enough to get to spend at least some time in Mississauga.

I do presume the Warriors will go to the White House,  other teams have since the change in occupants and I did not see or hear Freeland so have no comment.

Q: Hey Doug, kudos to you and your basketball savvy for predicting the Warriors win.  I really thought the Celtics had a chance but the team couldn’t seem to keep their best players playing at there very best consistently.

Was kinda hoping that Al Horford would be part of a championship team before he retired.  Maybe he has another year left in him. 

Steph Curry deserves all the accolades coming his way, and happy he won the MVP trophy. 

I often recall the Raptors championship parade of 2019 and the mobs of people congregated together.  With COVID as a part of our lives now and in the future we will likely never get to experience something like that again, at least in Canada.

Now that the NBA playoffs are finished, I might have to resort to watching hockey, with doses of the Blue Jays.

I guess the next events to ponder are who the Raptors will pick in the draft but not very exciting, and whatever roster moves are made over the summer.  

Thanks for your reporting.  As always, I enjoy your insightful comments and observations.

Take care and stay cool.


A: Thanks, I appreciate the kind words.

We will never, ever see an event like the Raptors parade in our lives. But the pucks are also end soon so I think all we’ll have is the baseball for most of the summer. There will be some international basketball to watch and I’d recommend that.

I think a lot of people were cheering for Al Horford but I also fear that was maybe his one, best shot at a ring.

Q: Hi Doug,Let’s talk draft.Interesting that Tolzman suggested the 33rd pick is expected to be on the roster.Does that mean a project-type is off the board?Am thinking they go an athletic 2 guard who can shoot and with decent size to backup Trent. Although Masai said he’ll take 15 6-10 guys, think the undrafted market is where they go.Curious to know what you think the direction the Raps go.There seems to be a lot of smoke around an OG trade…..Very unlike Raps MO most trades you hear nothing until it’s done.Always a pleasureEnioRichmond Hill

A: No. 33 and “project type” are basically synonymous.  A guy can certainly be on a roster and in a development phase of his career, which is exactly what I expect will happen.

And at 33, you take the best athlete and figure out in a couple of years where he might fit.

Q: Thx for your work,

The trading of Tellez and Grichuk was a little irritating for me.  The Jay’s lineup looked weak at first.  Four decent hitters and several no name substitutes. 

The lineup has looked better recently in that perhaps it resembles the strength of last year’s lineup.  Tough top to bottom.  The injured have returned.

Anyway, after Guerrero was hit on the hand, and Jansen hurt, I’m wondering if the Jay’s depth could be an issue?  

Also, they’ve been forewarned by the Leafs, who have traded away young talent and dealt picks.  Would like to see them give their young guys a legit opportunity before giving them away.  Otherwise, how do they know?  Tellez had 21 home runs one year.

Also, I really like watching Biggio hit.  I like his OBP.  If you’re Biggio, do you accept your role, or do you look for a team where you can be an everyday player?  In other words, would the money be better if he’s an everyday player?  I want to see what he can do as an everyday player.  I would also like to see him in lead off or number two, if base stealing was a thing.  Wouldn’t it be a good thing to have pitchers work harder with someone at the top of the order who may also walk more?  Move Bichette down a spot?  Wondering how pitchers would pitch Biggio if he were to be before or after Springer?  Would Springer have more RBI opportunities?



A: Um, okay. I’d rather have Guerrero at first six days a week and Springer in the outfield all the time but that’s just me.

I will also say for the zillionth time that nothing in sports is linear when it comes to moves made and not made and to try and make it so is a waste of time.

Who does Biggio play ahead of every day? Espinal? Bichette? Chapman? Tapia? Guerrero?  

Q: Hi Doug;

First, you don’t have to apply for Old Age or Pension if you don’t want it right now, I’m waiting till 70.

Can you tell me if there is any truth to the rumors I read this weekend that many of the Raptors are unhappy with their situations here? (Yahoo sports)  And are any of the ridiculous trade scenarios involving OG realistic? Do the sports writers in other cities think Masai and Bobby are incompetent? Latest one from a “league Exec” yesterday has OG going to the Heat for Herro and someone named Yurtseven. In your mind is there any way OG gets traded this summer?

Paul Martin Figueroa

A: You read wrong this week, is all I’ll say.

I do not expect major moves this summer and I do not expect Pat Riley to trade the Sixth Man of the Year and a promising young big man unless he loses his capacity for rational thought.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThursday, June 9th, 2022

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Tommy Roy

Dan Hicks

Paul Azinger

Justin Leonard

Notah Begay III

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to the NBC Sports U.S. Open media conference call. In a moment, we’ll be joined by members of our broadcast team, including producer Tommy Roy, Dan Hicks, Paul Azinger, Justin Leonard, and Notah Begay III.

NBC Sports is going to present more than 100 hours of the U.S. Open from The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, across NBC, USA Network, and Peacock comprised of championship coverage, featured groups and featured holes and 40-plus hours of studio coverage with Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open on Golf Channel, starting on Monday, June 13.

We’ll begin with opening remarks from each of our speakers, a number of interesting connections to Brookline, as you all know. We’ll start with our producer Tommy Roy.

TOMMY ROY: Thanks, Jamie. Appreciate it. It’s a real honor to televise the U.S. Open and to do it with our great team. My goal is to give the viewers the best seat in the house as if they were right there on the tees, the fairways, and the greens themselves, experiencing the pressure of this cauldron and the ultimate reward for one player at the end.

To do this, we’ll do it through a robust technical facility setup, but never losing sight of the fact that this golf event more than any other requires story-telling. As it is an Open with many unknown qualifiers in the field and each having their own special story.

I still believe that every player who has earned the right to play in this field deserves the right to be shown on TV. So we’ll do our very best to get all 156 players in the field on the air, and yes, that includes the LIV players.

21, Feb 2022
Changing the Air We Breathe At Work (Covid-19)

any of us have been more aware of the harsh realities of microorganisms in the air we breathe as a result of the global COVID-19 epidemic, and how, without proper ventilation, we could be exposed to numerous types of flu and colds. Businesses are being forced to update their health and safety policies and safeguards as a result of this issue. Ventilation is one of the most important areas to analyze and reassess among the top priorities.

COVID-19 and ventilating spaces

As the virus reappeared in numerous deadly waves, controlling the rate of infection became a critical aim for many offices. With the passage of time, the way to halting the spread of COVID-19 has become apparent. COVID-19 is best prevented by the use of regular ventilation and face masks, as the virus — and its various variations — is spread predominantly through droplets of water in the air and aerosol.

When given this knowledge, organizations, schools, charities, and corporations from all industries rethought their indoor air quality and its implications on COVID control. When it came to air quality, many people were surprised to learn that they didn’t have the greatest infrastructure in place to enable cleaner, regulated airflow and proper, optimal ventilation.

For at least 18 months, the workforce in many businesses has been working remotely or in a hybrid structure. COVID-19 – and one of its many versions – is still prevalent in the wider UK population, as many people are returning to work on a reduced capacity basis. As a result of the difficult task of controlling the virus’s spread, anxiety has increased in the workplace. To solve this, many offices will need to demonstrate their commitment to providing employees with safe working environments.

Understanding air quality

With the present focus on health and wellbeing – and the fear of airborne infections – the function and importance of air quality is increasingly becoming a workplace concern. It’s also not only a tendency that comes to an end with the pandemic. The winter flu, which causes millions of GP visits each year, is another example of a virus that may be spread through the air and is very contagious.

Beyond direct pathogen exposure, air quality is extremely important; environmental pollution is estimated to cause 40,000 premature deaths per year. Air pollution is frequently reduced to merely the pollutants ingested when strolling alongside a busy road. In fact, sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) abound in everyday life, ranging from fragrances and cleaning goods to construction materials and beds. The concern is how long-term health problems can be caused by uncontrolled VOC exposure. Poor air quality is frequently linked to sick building syndrome, which can result in severe and long-term illness as well as greater absenteeism rates as employees complain of fatigue.

Through carefully managed building maintenance and facilities management cleaning with best MERV 16 filters, air quality is an easily overlooked chance to improve the health of a facility’s inhabitants. In the consumer market, polluted food and water are heavily controlled, but the air appears to be a squandered opportunity to further nurture our health.

Given that each individual consumes 11,000 liters of air per day, air quality is rarely addressed or, at the very least, regulated to the same standards as food and water. However, as air quality becomes a part of the broader public health consciousness, the epidemic is setting the stage for this to change.

Healthy buildings start with better air 

The pandemic underlined the significance of regular and proper ventilation, prompting many organizations to act promptly with their future investments. Employee health has become a key target of poor building ventilation, particularly in offices. The importance of air quality has risen to the point where the government recently announced that air monitors would be installed in schools across England. Businesses who wish to guarantee the wellbeing of their returning employees are already taking notice of popular initiatives like this. Because of this sense of urgency, many people have teamed up with corporate office specialists to ensure that a building stays as healthy as possible, battling viruses through extensive cleaning, ventilation, and other security measures.

As the necessity of good ventilation became more widely recognized, many offices began to invest in it. During this time, hard FM suppliers discovered new techniques to improve air turnover in buildings, making them safer and more efficient. Increased fresh air intake has the disadvantage of putting more demand on a building’s systems. Because of increased energy use, even managing indoor temperatures has become increasingly challenging. However, many organizations, particularly those with modern offices, may rapidly realize that such steps are unnecessary, even if they are pricey and energy-intensive. An air sensor can assist regulate the quality of the air circulating through a place more effectively. CO2 sensors are a low-cost approach to assess ventilation. There are, of course, more advanced choices on the market that will examine everything from air pressure to predicted virus load. Buildings can check air quality within their daily performance ratings using this equipment, which is easily available.

Air quality and the future 

The residents of a building, employers, and everyone who comes into contact with your site care about the air quality. However, with goals to make the country greener and the UK government’s goal of reaching net zero by 2050, monitoring CO2 and other air pollutants will become more crucial for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to fostering sustainability.

The pandemic’s various demands have driven rapid technological innovation, which has revolutionized the way we work, socialize, and has the potential to affect so much more in the coming months.

Scents can affect our productivity

This is always wonderful news, no matter what business you work in – whether we’re trying to motivate our colleagues or ourselves! Please bear with us while we go over the science behind it; basically, when we detect a scent, it goes straight to our brain to be processed. Our neurons send it to two different places on the way there: the olfactory bulb, which recognizes the scent, and the thalamus, which controls motor activity. This is how some aromas can make us feel energized (for example, how some coffee drinkers can feel energized before ever taking a sip).

Rosemary, lemon, and mint are just a few of the smells that can help us stay motivated at work. Among our own line of scented taper candles, we have several fantastic citrus flavors and we’re not the only ones who love them – in fact, lemon and rosemary have even been reported to circulate via air conditioning ducts, giving employees additional mental and physical vitality. (If you want our personal recommendations, Joy and Shine are great quality scented candles that will make you feel energised!)

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21, Feb 2022
Best Twitter Widget Examples For Your Wix Websites

Twitter is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms. It would be safe to say that we can name Twitter as one of the platforms responsible for bringing this social media revolution. The platform still has its relevance and influence, as it stands tall as one of the platforms with the most users.

Likewise, Wix stands as one of the most trusted website-building platforms. It helps users to establish their online presence by providing them with a simple method to build their online presence. 

Businesses are now actively looking to utilize both giants for their purpose, as they opt to embed Twitter widget on Wix website. As this strategy appears to be profitable and efficient, more businesses are jumping into this bandwagon and looking to add Twitter widget on Wix website.

While you are looking to join this trend, this article might be helpful for you. In this blog we have listed the most effective Twitter feeds. Twitter feeds listed below not only do not add grace to your website but also bring engaging elements to your website.

Various tools like social media aggregators help you embed Twitter widget on Wix website. In addition, they provide you the option to choose different types of feeds. You can find these tools on the internet with ease and embed the following types of Twitter feeds on your website.

Twitter Feed Examples For Wix Website

In this age of internet and eCommerce, it is important to have an impressive online presence for businesses. And to have that impressive and notable presence, it is important to have some differentiating elements on your website. And following feed examples helps you in this cause.

Hashtag Feeds

Twitter introduced the world to the concept of hashtags. It shed light on the use of this amazing feature and showed us how one could get incredible benefits from it. And ever since it has been one of the most important elements of the platforms. As a result, many businesses often build their marketing strategy around hashtags.

Hashtags help businesses reach their target audience; it categorizes the content under one common umbrella and makes it easy to reach the target audience. Furthermore, you can extend the use of hashtags as you can opt to embed Twitter hashtag feed on website.

You can select a particular hashtag related to your businesses and showcase them on the website. It helps to enhance the engagement element of your website. And at the same time makes it more informative. 

Or you can choose to showcase tweets and feeds related to current topics and events; it helps you to keep your visitors up-to-date with recent happenings and events.

Moreover, you can even promote your hashtag campaign and encourage your website visitors to post content using the hashtag. 

Mention Feed

People often post content related to a particular business or product and mention or tag the brand’s name. You can accumulate all these types of tweets and content using the social media aggregator tool and display them on your website.

It provides a boost to your user-generated content related to your brand. Also, you can even build credibility using this feed, as it enables you to showcase content uploaded by your users.

Moreover, people often use this feature of Twitter to spread their message related to a product. Either they write the review or upload content explaining the product like unboxing videos, etc. With the help of social media aggregators, you can accumulate all these types of content and display it on your website. It helps you to build reliability and showcase your brand as transparent. That means your brand does not hide anything from the customers. And at the same time, acknowledge the feedback. Reviews, feedback, and opinions help consumers make their decision and eventually assist you win the trust of your potential customers.

Profile Timeline Feed

While it is important to have an online presence, it is equally important to have a strong online presence, and for that, it is essential more people get to know about your online presence. And what can be a better place to market your Twitter presence other than your website, right?

By opting to embed your own profile timeline feed on the website, you can sneak into your online presence to your website visitors. And as they have the option to follow you on the platform, it helps you to strengthen your Twitter presence.

Another use of this feed is that people who do not have a Twitter account can go through your feed and learn about your online presence and activities.

Summing It Up

Adding Twitter Widget on Wix website can be a beneficial marketing strategy. But one can extract more benefits from it if used smartly. The examples mentioned above are among the most used and efficient Twitter feeds for the website. Using tools such as social media aggregators can easily aggregate the posts and display them with ease.


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21, Feb 2022
Common Problems to Avoid in Business

Entrepreneurial investments are fraught with errors, mishaps, and mistakes. No matter how saturated you are in business-ownership knowledge, you are bound to run into difficulties at some point.

The answer to your success is to quickly recognize your mistakes, learn from them, and prevent the same mistakes from happening again. Many business owners fall into similar traps. 

It’s those mistakes that could make the variation between possessing a successful and viable business and owning a money chamber that could leave you in financial misery for years to come. Nevertheless, you need to buy YouTube likes for selling your products to your clients for the success of your business.  Here are the problems to avoid, affecting small businesses,

Not Having a Marketing Team

A marketing team can look like a luxury for a business, but in fact, it’s a necessity. One of the biggest marketing challenges in obtaining new clients, which directly pertains to generating new revenue for your business. 

Even though they’re merely one or two people, marketing teams help establish your business brand and guarantee that you’re both setting your message and reaching as many people as possible with it.

All businesses want to attract new prospects and change those prospects into customers. It doesn’t count what you’re selling, who you’re aiming to draw, or how huge your budget is — if you’re not engaging with the right people, you’re will not grow.

Failing to Understand who Your Target Audience is

If you don’t know who your target audience is, you will not know how to market your product or service to them in the most effective way possible. Many businesses have a general idea of who they’re trying to reach. Still, they lack the concrete customer personas that guide marketing strategies and maximize the ability of limited marketing budgets.

You must take the time to build audience personas and create the kind of person you want to sell to, encompassing not entirely who they are but what their pain points, requirements, and lifestyles are. 

Delve as deep as you can, creating personas for numerous customers based on job titles, industries, who their decision-makers are, what difficulties they encounter, and so on. The more you can nail down who your buyers are, the better you can sell to them.

Not Focusing on Your Employees’ Needs

Pleased employees are 12 percent more productive than their unsatisfied counterparts. And it makes the point. In today’s skilled landscape, information on everything from health and personal benefits to the variation of break room snacks are shared far and wide. 

Existing and prospective employees will know if they’re getting a decent deal or not. That doesn’t imply that you have to begin hosting costly business retreats or offering limitless PTO. However, it does mean that you have to work within your abilities to give employees the best company culture.

Not Having a Sales Strategy

All businesses have one big thing in common: they want to make money for all of their dissimilarities. And to do it there requires to be a sales strategy in place.

An effective sales strategy contains goals and projections based on logical expectations and drives your team to increase performance month after month. On top of procuring a clear path for your sales staff to follow, it also enables protection against crucial downturns, like lost clients or team members. 

Losses happen — it’s how you regain that counts. With a sales strategy in place, you’ll have a development plan that accounts for all likely scenarios, including the less than ideal ones.

Not Being Forthright

The unknown nature and large size of the internet permit people to share anything with anyone at any time. If your business attempts to cover up a mistake, it is just a matter of time before the story leaks and you are titled a liar.

 That’s not decent for business. Be the one to break your bad news, and you will be distinguished as honest and trustworthy.

Trying to do it all

Entrepreneurs’ biggest mistake is to think they can do it all by themselves. While an entrepreneur can do nearly everything, they do almost everything poorly. Exactly like any other person, an entrepreneur has one or two natural abilities. As an entrepreneur, you must know those abilities and concentrate on them to your fullest.

 Encircle yourself with people who are strong where your talents are weakest. Businesses are created on the foundation of exploiting a few strengths, not on trying to be champions of everything.

Assuming you Have no Competition

Even if you have the latest, biggest, never-been-done-before procedure to something, don’t speculate that you have no competition. Competition is more than just the immediate, apparent competitors. Competition is also all the accessible opportunities.

What else could the consumer do rather than use your product or service? Could they do nothing? The customer almost often has the choice of walking away. That alone is a crucial competitive threat.

Being a Weak Leader

The success of your business is contingent on you being a strong, beneficial leader. This does not say you require to be an authoritarian, but again you shouldn’t be everyone’s buddy. 

A great leader establishes the course for the business, communicates it often, and motivates the team to get to the next level.

Setting Unrealistic Financial Goals

If all business goals come true, being a billionaire would be unusual. Most entrepreneurs go into new endeavors planning astronomical returns. However, most never actually get the business off the ground. 

Unrealistic goals not only weaken your credibility but can too be an emotional drain. Set specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and (or SMART) goals to assure steady progress. If you do this, your probabilities of being an overnight success are much more significant.


Don’t let avoidable business missteps be the end of your business. While preventing the mistakes you require to expand your resources a bit, it’s all in the name of long-term success, and that is why you began your business in the first place. 

Work with what you possess, improving as your resources allow. Trust your team, and your bottom line will be extensively better off for it. 

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