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23, Sep 2022
6 outdoor activities to have fun with toddlers this winter

It’s easy to find outdoor games with your toddler in the summer. However, your child will have to spend more time at home in winter. We have an idea that will make her love the winter and enjoy spending time at home. Buy him a car bed and create an indispensable world in his room. Your child, who has to stay home on cold winter days, will not want to leave his room. With this colossal toy car, even if the roads are covered with snow outside, your child will embark on adventures at full speed with the car bed.

Although you have ensured your son has a good time at home, he also needs to play outside. We’ve listed a few winter outdoor games to give you an idea.

1. Go down the slope 

Encourage your children to climb up on their own, whatever their age and even if they are not yet walking. Give your toddler a helping hand (and prevent nasty tumbles) by getting on all fours behind or beside him. Imagine you are born returning to their den or mountaineers climbing the highest peak in the world to turn this chore into a pleasure. You will need a snowy slope and sled or slide mat. With this activity, your child’s hand and foot coordination develop. Your child’s balance improves, and arm and leg muscles are strengthened.

2. Explore the closest playground

The neighborhood playground is a four-season one! Having fun in summer and winter allows your toddler to gain self-confidence. Beware of more slippery surfaces: the grip is less secure, and the toes slip more quickly. Stay close to your child, so you can catch him anytime if he loses his balance.

3. Snowflake hunting

No need to wait for the next baby storm! Just sit next to him and gently kick the snow into the air. He will be happy to catch up with her with his little mittens. And don’t forget: we each “make it snow” in turn! For slightly older children, clear the hunting area of ​​​​any obstacles to avoid injury.  You will need a clear and snow-covered space. This activity develops hand motor skills, the ability to follow a movement or an object with the eyes and perceive space.

4. Build a snow fort

Form bricks with the snow and stacks them. The biggest of the little ones can help you carry lighter pieces. Then seal the bricks together with their hands. Stimulate reflection: is this brick too big, too small, or soft? As for babies, they will be delighted to play “hello, I’m here” behind a wall of snow! Finally, cool down on sandbox toys like the shovel, bucket, rake, digger, and dump truck. You just need a snow-covered surface. The shovel is optional! This activity develops hand motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Toddlers of brick-carrying age also work on their lifting, stooping, and balance skills.

5 Drawing in the snow

Snow is a beautiful winter activity for children of all ages. It can be as simple as packing a snowball and throwing it at someone or as complicated as building an igloo. Ask your toddler to help you, with his hands or feet, to form a smooth flat surface in the snow. This is a game that your toddler can play with you in the snow. It is an excellent way to spend time together and develop his gross motor skills. Next, you can play the game called “snow angels.” The idea is to make a smooth flat surface in the snow using your hands or feet. You can make the surface as significant as you want, but remember that it needs to be balanced for this game to work well.

  Next, draw whatever you want on it with your well-wrapped fingers or a stick. Then, explore the surroundings in search of branches and rocks to decorate your masterpiece. Even better, add touches of color using multicolored ice cubes or balloons filled with colored water, which you will have prepared in advance.

6. No snow? No problem!

Playing outside, even cold, can be a lot of fun. A simple walk is enough, during which you will encourage your toddler to climb on objects encountered along the way. Walking outside is a great way to get fresh air and exercise. It’s also an opportunity to encourage your toddler to practice walking independently. Check beforehand that they are not covered with ice and, therefore, slippery. Take a ball with you: you will have fun throwing it to your child or rolling it on the floor with your baby. Throwing and catching a ball develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, running, walking backward, or hopping on one foot improves agility.
While some outdoor games are fun, they can keep your child busy for a short time, especially in winter. The car bed will be waiting for your child when you need to enter the house. You will realize he misses his room. Ensure your child is safe while playing in the car bed made of materials that comply with safety standards.

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